Position Description Edit

The Second Fleet Deputy Chief of Staff is responsible heading up the Fleet Services portion of the fleet (in conjunction with the Chief of Staff) and serves as Executive Assistant to the Deputy Commander-in-Chief.  The Deputy Chief of Staff will help the Chief of Staff preside over the recruitment and awards directors of Star Trek: Second Fleet Online.  The Deputy Chief of Staff will act as the advisor for new members and assist them in getting into a position where they would best be suited at.  The Deputy Chief of Staff is responsible for providing how-to guides on how to navigate around the ST: SFO forums, wiki, and general website.  The Deputy Chief of Staff will be the final authority, save the Commander and Deputy Commander-in-Chief as well as the Chief of Staff when it comes to issuing awards.  Note that promotions above the rank of Captain (i.e.: Fleet Captain plus Flag Officers) require the approval of nothing less than the Deputy Commander-in-Chief.  The Deputy Chief of Staff will be responsible for the being present at Command Council meetings taking of meeting minutes of those meetings and provide those notes to the rest of the Command Council should the Chief of Staff be indisposed for any reason.  The Deputy Chief of Staff will hold the position of global moderator of the ST: SFO forums and be available for forum support when needed.  The Deputy Chief of Staff will also be a senior instructor for the Second Fleet’s Academy Branch in evaluating potential candidates for senior positions within the fleet.  The Deputy Chief of Staff is appointed by the Chief of Staff with consent of the Commander-in-Chief and reports directly to the Chief of Staff.

General Requirements Edit

The officer holding this position must be generally active unless a leave of absence has been given for personal, emergency, or family reasons.  The member must have at least three months (or more) experience within the RP and hold a senior line officer rank.  Command experience is required for this position as well.  The member holding this position is highly preferred to have possession of Microsoft Office products such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Incentives Edit

Ranks Edit

Minimum Rank Awarded Minimum Optimal Rank Awarded Maximum Optimal Rank Awarded
R3-o5Y3-o5Ya3-o5M3-o5C3-o5 R3-o6Y3-o6Ya3-o6M3-o6C3-o6 R4-a2Y4-a2Ya4-a2M4-a2C4-a2

Other Incentives Edit

  • Global Moderator on the ST: SFO Forums

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