Disclaimer (PLEASE READ) Edit

The following information given for the ship classes that are used in Star Trek: Second Fleet Online are not original and are derived from a multitude of sources. This goes for all background information on the ships as well as pictures and specifications from items such as blueprints that were found on the internet. Each ship class used in ST:SFO will have its own section for references / sources as some ship class information came from different sites compared to the rest. There were members of ST:SFO that placed information on the ship classes before they were deleted due to lack of referencing. Because of this, only the administrators will be allowed to put info in these pages and will be protected as well.

Ship Types Edit

We all know that each ship was assigned to a class (Galaxy, Intrepid, Constitution, and so on), but their "type" has always been a mystery because of the varying opinions from the many sources that the staff of ST:SFO have received their information from. The final decision for just the sake of this RP group on determining the type that the vessel is will rest in the hands of the staff of ST:SFO.

The following ship "types" will be used (from most powerful to least powerful):

  • Battleship
  • Cruiser
  • Destroyer
  • Frigate
  • Escort
  • Scout
  • Surveyor